Meet the Owner Operators of Langelaar Transport Ltd.

John Langelaar, Owner

John has been involved in the trucking business for most of his adult life. He started as a truck driver and then purchased a semi to work as a lease operator throughout western and northern Canada and western U.S. In 1984 John moved into the office for a trucking company based out of Red Deer, dispatching trucks and soliciting freight throughout western Canada. After the company dissolved, John started Langelaar Transport Ltd. in March of 1991. Langelaar Transport Ltd. started out with 6 owner operators and has built the business up to about 30 owner operators serving all of Canada on Super-B trucks and trailers. Langelaar Transport Ltd. operates out of 2 offices, one in Red Deer with 4 staff members which includes management, billing, accounting, and dispatching. The other office is in Regina with 2 staff members where licensing and insurance as well as dispatching is taken care of.

Red Deer Staff

Louise Parker

Louise also has been involved to some degree or another in the trucking industry for most of her adult life. Louise has been with Langelaar Transport Ltd. since the company began in 1991, starting out doing all office duties including occasional dispatching. In 2008 Louise retired only to return 1 ½ years later and assume the duties of the invoicing as well as doing the fuel reports for IFTA. Louise’s many years of involvement in the trucking industry has made her a great asset to Langelaar Transport Ltd.

Annette Buchholz

Annette joined Langelaar Transport Ltd. in 2008. She handles the payroll as well as the bookkeeping and accounting duties for Langelaar Transport Ltd. Annette has worked in that capacity for several different companies over the years which has made Annette a great asset as well as a good fit for the company.

Gary Strom

Gary joined Langelaar Transport Ltd. in 2012 assuming the position of dispatcher and load soliciting for the Alberta and British Columbia areas. Gary brings to Langelaar Transport Ltd. many years of dispatch experience as well as knowledge in the area of insurance claims. With Gary being the latest member of our staff we look forward to utilizing the new and different perspectives to further grow Langelaar Transport Ltd. not just in truck numbers but also in dependable and reliable service for our customers.

Regina Staff

Penny Harvey

Penny joined Langelaar Transport Ltd. in 1998 after having spent several years working in the area of transportation out of Regina. At first Penny was brought on board to handle the licensing and insurance for the company; she also assisted with the dispatching. In 2006 Penny was moved to the task of dispatching and load soliciting for Saskatchewan and East. This was a natural transition for Penny having experience in the dispatching area before coming to Langelaar Transport Ltd. and also in assisting the previous dispatcher has been very beneficial for the company.

Angie Kardash

Angie started with Langelaar Transport Ltd. in 2006 to take care of the licensing and insurance and assists with dispatch. Angie also monitors all logs from all the lease operators to make sure that they are in compliance with log book regulations. Angie’s competence in this area has become a much more important task as the company has grown over the years and compliance has become a more important factor.

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